About us


In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, donors are increasingly concerned to see evidence that aid and development programs are making a real difference. All development programs want to achieve some kind of change, whether it be change in policy or beneficiary behavior. But such change is not always self-evident and programs need evidence to prove their case. Finding that evidence and being able to present it in a compelling and convincing way is the essence of what Rapid Asia does. We call it “guiding sustainable change”.

Our values and guiding philosophy

Simplified complexity: Coming up with simple solutions to complex problems sits at the core of how Rapid Asia works when setting out to find evidence for change. We believe that only simple solutions will be remembered and followed.

Extraordinary client engagement: This is how we want to work with our clients and other stakeholders. Engagement is essential to fully understand the challenges you face.

Innovation for efficiency: Rapid Asia also prides itself on being able to deliver results within a reasonable time frame. This requires continuous innovation and taking advantage of new technology to achieve better efficiency.

Integrity: This is the essence of the work we produce and is based on using best practice models, innovative approaches, and solid methodologies.

Passion and dedication: Everyone who works at Rapid Asia do so because they have a passion for the work we do and to feel they can do something that is worthwhile. Our project teams are dedicated because they care.