CLA Case Studies : Complex Problems Needs Simple Solutions by Rapid Asia

Author(s): Daniel Lindgren

Organization(s): Rapid Asia Co.

Institution(s): United States Agency for International Agency (USAID)

Date Published: September 29, 2015

This midterm evaluation for the PLE, a project that provides health, education, food security, and protection support to internally displaced persons inside Burma and displaced persons who have crossed the border into Thailand, focuses on the project’s “convergence” approach. USAID has a long history of providing humanitarian assistance along the Thai-Burma border. PLE also operates within a strategic paradigm reflected in the idea of convergence. Convergence was defined as the need to “adapt to new opportunities to promote linkages and convergence between PLE and USAID/Burma’s existing strategies and program activities; between PLE’s ethnic social service providers and the Government of Myanmar, and community-based organization network inside Burma.”

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