Complete Training to KAP Study on Wildlife Protection in Vietnam

Rapid Asia in Vietnam

Rapid Asia together with local volunteers having completed training to carry out a major KAP study on wildlife protection in Hanoi.

Many wildlife species are under threat in South East Asia. One particular gruesome activity is the consumption of bear bile, which is extracted from living bears that are kept in captivity under the most inhumane conditions. Bear bile consumption is illegal in Vietnam but few are aware of this fact and bear bile consumption is increasing.

Traditionally, bear bile has been consumed for medical reasons (e.g. to ease muscle and joint pain – although there is no scientific evidence that it actually works), but now bear bile is also consumed as a form of entertainment. Mixed with rice wine, wealthy business people consume bear bile to celebrate business success with clients and business associates.

To support a local campaign to raise awareness about bear bile consumption and its negative impact on bears, Rapid Asia conducted a major baseline KAP survey to determine motivations for consumption and to provide input for effective message development.