‘Load Len Len’ Campaign Evaluation by Rapid Asia on Thai Press

‘Load Len Len’ Campaign result by Rapid Asia shows that the overall digital piracy rate for Thailand is 76%. Nearly 50% do it on a monthly basis or more often. Just over a quarter are casual and do it on a more occasional basis, and around one quarter claim to not have engaged in any form of digital piracy. The result highlights very clearly that digital piracy is widespread in Thailand and the majority of the offenders are doing it on a regular basis.

The piracy rate varies by sector. Music and movies have on average higher rate with around one third doing piracy on a regular basis. Penetration is lower at 45 % for computer software and TV content, but TV content experience a higher level of regular piracy.

‘Load Len Len’ Campaign will continue to launch under the following recommendations;

1) Continue  ‘Load Len Len’ Campaign targeting  younger people aged 14 up to 25

2) Continue to focus on basic education regarding digital piracy. Animation Videos and Games were found to be the best communication vehicles to engage younger people;

3) Impact at this point in time is not in the form of behavior change but though influence on how people think about digital piracy. To achieve more impact the campaign needs to be supplemented with other efforts such as law enforcement;

4) Consider also strategies that will make access to digital material more convenient and affordable.

Read More at Thairath (March 4th 2015) : http://www.thairath.co.th/content/484846