Rapid Asia working with the Thai-US Creative Partnership on raising awareness about digital piracy

Digital piracy has been identified as a major problem in Thailand. Digital piracy hampers innovation and creativity and robs local artists and those working in the industry of income. It also has potential negative impact on Thailand’s reputation. Rapid Asia is helping the The Thai – U.S. Creative Partnership to develop and evaluate the outcome of a social marketing campaign designed to build awareness, influence attitudes and change behavior in relation to digital piracy. Supported by the Thai government, the project has strong interest from a number of Thai partner organizations in the computer software, music, movie, and cable television  industry. An initial baseline survey confirmed that the piracy rate in Thailand is indeed very high and that there is a strong need for basic education about the negative effects of digital piracy.

The picture features project stakeholders from the US Embassy (Bangkok), Thailand Department of Intellectual Property, Microsoft (Thailand) Ltd., Motion Picture Association (Thailand) Ltd. (MPA), Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association (TECA), True Visions PCL., Right Man and Rapid Asia.