SEA Junction

Rapid Asia is a Founding Partner of SEA Junction, established on June 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. SEA-Junction (Southeast Asia Junction) provides a venue for interaction on Southeast Asia. Events such as presentations, discussions and film screenings are organized on a regular basis. As the name indicates, “SEA-Junction” is meant to be an informal place of exchanges on Southeast Asia where people with interest in Southeast Asia art, culture and society can meet, share information, consult available resources, and read related literature at their leisure. SEA-Junction aims to foster understanding and appreciation of Southeast Asia in all its socio-cultural dimensions – from arts and customs to the economy and development – by enhancing public access to knowledge resources and by promoting exchanges among specialists, students and Southeast Asia lovers.

SEA-Junction was established with the contributions of a group of Founding Partners. The partners share a passion for Southeast Asia cultures and societies and believe that it deserves greater attention by the global community, and some of them represent organizations that have a compatible mission with SEA Junction. The partners have also contributed their ideas, advice, and contacts to support SEA-Junction.


In the picture from the left: Ben Harkins (ILO), Rosalia Sciortino (SEA Junction Founder & Exec. Dir.), Daniel Lindgren (Founding Partner), and Dewi Ratnawulan (SEA Junction Community Outreach)

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