Policy analysis

Policy analysis involve research into legislation to identify gaps and weaknesses. Rapid Asia has a number of policy experts who specialize on different thematic fields. More importantly, policy analysis and advocacy research can often result in a policy brief. A solid policy brief needs to have three things. It needs to be relevant, effective and persuasive.

  1. Relevant – single topic
    To be relevant, a policy brief should focus on one specific issue. The issue is usually linked to one of the key finding or recommendation in the study we just completed.
  2. Effective – who is the audience?
    To be effective, a policy brief should be written to a clearly defined target audience. Knowing the audience means the message can be tailored in terms of style of language, terms used, and with appropriate amount of explanation.
  3. Persuasive – what is the main concern?
    To be persuasive, a policy brief must address any concerns the target audience may have. Another way to think about this is to ask the question: “what value does this have for the target audience?”